Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why is all this happening? Watch these!

The answers to what we are seeing are written and have been written for a very long time. These are download able videos that you can watch. Finally I hear somebody is awake. I just hope these help your questions as well.
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Jack Van Impe Presents

1008 - Original Air Date - February 20, 2010
This weeks Headlines:
Coming soon: A Socialist America?
The army report on Fort Hood a lie...
New Arms Deal with United States and Russia 95% complete...
Media files
1008.mp4 (MP4 Video, 106 MB)
1007 - Original Air Date - February 13, 2010
This weeks Headlines:
The Islamic Antichrist...
Palestinian leader: We will only accept Jerusalem as our capital...
World War III - 2012?
Media files
1007.mp4 (MPEG-4 Audio, 105 MB)
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